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A brief manual on how to deal with negative comments (and commenters)

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For almost three years, I was on the frontline, handling unsatisfied customers. Most of them were angry, almost none of them was polite, and everyone had an urgent problem–from their point of view, at least. To survive, I had to develop a coping mechanism, something that will allow me to do my job properly, without losing my mind.

What I came with is a simple, three-step list:

Digital Analytics

Increase power and control over data measurement

Chris Mercer (Measure Marketing) is the instructor in several courses that are part of the CXL Digital Analytics Minidegree Program. This article will briefly cover Google Tag Manager for Beginners.

The title may be “for beginners”, but this is not a course you should skim through. It consists of 21 lessons, each covering both theory and practical explanations, with a cumulative duration of seven hours.

Digital Analytics

Understand consumer behavior to make better decisions

“Attribution” course is part of the CXL Digital Analytics Minidegree Program. The instructor of this course is Russell McAthy from Ringside Data. It will take around two hours of your time to go through 21 brief lessons and learn all about attribution.

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If you would rather listen to Russel McAhty talks about attribution, here is his fantastic talk on the CXL Elite Camp 2019:

What is marketing attribution?

Understanding attribution means understanding the context…

Digital Analytics

Deliver effective reports that lead to action

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“Data presentation and visualization” course is a part of the CXL Digital Analytics Minidegree Program. This four hours long course is made of 27 lessons. If the number of lessons looks scary, you will be relieved to know those videos are short (up to 15 minutes each) and easy to follow.

The instructor is Tim Wilson who is, among many other things, well-known for the podcast Digital Analytics Power Hour.

The “Data presentation and visualization” was the most interesting course so far in my journey to Digital Analytics minidegree. Wilson split the course into three major topics: data visualization, data…

Digital Analytics

Gain insights with real-time and predictive analytics

Google BigQuery official logo

BigQuery course is a part of CXL’s Digital Analytics Minidegree Program. The instructor is Khrystyna Grynko.

The course duration is two hours, and it’s divided into six lessons. The goal of this course is to teach you to consolidate your data in one place and automate your marketing reports. It will help you develop the skillset to become a data-driven marketer. You will learn more about Google Cloud and its possibilities and discover the full analytics process from data collection to data visualization.

Table of content:

  • Introduction to the Google Cloud Platform
  • Introduction to the Google BigQuery
  • Get your data into BigQuery
  • Work…

Digital Analytics

Learn more about your customers by connecting web, app, and Facebook data

Facebook Analytics official logo

Table of content:

  • Get to know Facebook analytics
  • Set Up Facebook analytics
  • A Tour of Facebook Analytics
  • Building Funnel Reports in Facebook Analytics
  • Closing

Get to know Facebook analytics

Facebook Analytics is not Facebook Insights, it’s much more. This is is a completely separate platform made by Facebook, and it has its own app for both Android and iOS users.

Digital Analytics

Create more insightful reports and save time

Image source: unDraw

Google Data Studio is the seventh course in the Digital Analytics Minidegree program made by CLX Institute. This course aims to teach you how to create impressive, time-saving reports in Google Data Studio.

The instructor is Michele Kiss, the Senior Partner at Analytics Demystified. The length of the course is four and a half hours, and it consists of 13 lessons.

Michele is a wonderful instructor, eager to share her experience through many useful tips.


  • Getting started
  • Building charts
  • Using color
  • Dates
  • Filters, controls, and segments
  • Calculated fields
  • Blends
  • Changing data sources
  • Sharing and access
  • Other useful features
  • Conclusion

Getting started


Digital Analytics

Essential skills every marketer needs to know

Welcome to week 7 of my journey to Digital Analytics CXL institute Minidegree. This lesson is about using Excel and Sheets as tools for digital analytics. The goal is to learn how to find actionable marketing insights using Excel and Google Sheets.

Excel and Sheets are very valuable tools for various marketing tasks. Which one will you choose is completely up to you (and/or the organization you’re working for, or with). If you need help with deciding, try finding your answer in this article: Google Sheets Vs. Excel, or search Google for another opinion.

“Excel and Sheets for Marketers” course…

Digital Analytics

Something new, something old, something blue…

Google Analytics 4 is the latest addition to the CXL Institute Digital Analytics Minidigree Program.

The instructor is Charles Farina (Analytics Pros), a Certified Web Analyst through the Digital Analytics Association.

The course is four hours long and split into eight lessons.

The first lesson is an introduction to Google Analytics 4: what is new, what is old, what you should watch out for. Lessons two to five explain details of the setup. Lessons six to eight are dedicated to reporting.

Digital Analytics

“Good data has a story; Great data TELLS a story!”

Week #4 of the CXL Institute Digital Analytics Minidegree Review is about applying intermediate-level Google Analytics skills to enhance your marketing strategy.

The instructor is Chris Mercer, one of the world’s leading Google Analytics experts. In this tactical near-to-six hours long course he will teach you how to:

  • Master attribution so you know exactly how your channels work together and how your users convert.
  • Get 10x more out of the basics you already know: custom dimensions, custom metrics, event tracking, etc.
  • Draw out advanced insights from your content analytics, form analytics, social analytics, and PPC analytics.
  • Produce enterprise-level reports using…

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